12 October 2022

Why flexible workspaces beat serviced offices, everytime.

When the word ‘coworking’ was coined way back in 1999, little did people know how popular this style of working would become. Really, it’s popularity has grown due to the truly unique experience it offers workers. Couple this with the fact you can’t reproduce the energy that a successful coworking space has and you have a strong case against why traditional serviced offices are a thing of the past. Now known as flexible workspaces, these spaces are flexible for business owners in more ways than one – with flexible terms, flexibility in how your space is set up, and flexibility to allow your business to grown and contract.

Serendipity is not just a fancy word.

The first coworking spaces were opened with a vision for a new work space structured around serendipitous encounters between “unlikely allies for a radically better world”. The model aimed to meld together the best of a business incubator, think tank, learning lab and a professional membership community. Many of the great ideas that propel business, individuals and teams forward are the ones that come from the discovery of something completely unrelated.

The design of flexible workspaces is paramount to serendipity having the chance to occur. Centrally located, attractive breakout zones, community events within the space and the cross pollination of businesses through an open plan environment are all unique to coworking spaces. It’s something that a serviced office or heavily built up space find hard to achieve.

Flexible working is here to stay.

Flexible workspaces have become ubiquitous in the vocabulary of business owners and also landlords. Post pandemic, the shift to flexible working has grown at a rapid pace and is now expected as part of a building or company offering.

By striking the right balance of open desk space, private office suites, closed meeting rooms, quiet focus areas and breakout spaces, we can create a workplace that offers diverse ways for you to work. Want to spend 2 hours going over a document in silence? No problem, grab a quiet booth. Want to immerse youself in a think tank with your colleague? That’s great, book one of our brainstorm meeting rooms.

The beauty of a truly flexible working environment is that it can offer a range of alternate working zones to the desk you rent, thanks to space we save through our open plan layout.

Come and experience a cirque space to see just how flexible we are, and how we can benefit your business.